The site of the Chicago Spire was initially planned for a 2,000 ft high tower; however, due to the financial collapse of 2008, the construction was halted and left incomplete. All that remains is a massive hole along Lake Michigan. The tower grows from the geometry of the site and 'floats’ above the existing opening forming an inverted relationship between building and ground.  

The tapering double-layered glazed facade defines the outer shape of the tower while the alternating atrium’s create a patterned expression along the facade. These enclosed elevated rooms provide public function while utilizing passive cooling strategies for thermal insulation and open-air movement throughout the building.  The site taps into the nearby Lake Michigan as a heat exchange battery for the tower. Deep cooler water Is drawn from the bottom of the lake into an adjacent filtration system and pumped through the building into a series of alternating atrium cells used to cool the building, thus eliminating the need for traditional air conditioning. 

Type: Urban Proposal
Size: 150 Story Tower
Location: Chicago, IL
Status: Idea